Business Continuity
It's about people - getting them back to work when they need to be back at work.
Disaster Recovery
What do you do when an event forces functionality to an alternative location?
Situation Management
How do you manage problem resolution at all levels of the organization and for any problem?
When people know what to do and how to do it, they are ready for action; they feel personally rewarded; they solve problems.
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In dire circumstances, staying in business is a function of one or more of the disciplines listed on this page.
Keeping Big Business in Business
Resilience for Not-So-Big Business
Small and mid-size businesses may have as much at stake as large businesses. For any organization, the impact of a disastrous event can be reduced if you're prepared. Your firm may not need as much in-depth preparation as a very large firm, and McWains can provide lower cost solutions that fully cover your resiliency needs.
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