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Emergency Response – The Human Factor
An emergency is an event that threatens people and property. Initial response to such an event is concerned primarily with protecting an organization's assets and resources (including human) that are used to run the business. Recovery of operations typically follows the emergency response and is covered in other plans. (See Keeping Your Business in Business.)

An emergency response plan contains guidance and information to executive management and the crisis response team at the time of a serious emergency. It provides reporting structures, hazard-specific instructions, and information that supports continuing operations following an outage. Of paramount importance is staff and client safety, and that is the focus of an emergency reponse plan. No action should be taken that puts an employee in harm’s way. The plan is usually distributed to members of the crisis response team and all senior executives.

McWains consultants design and build plans that protect people and assets. Our team of consultants also provides training in the use of the plan, in psychological first aid, and in hostility and rage managment.
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McWains offers software to assist call-takers in managing call-in emergencies, such as bomb threats, suicide threats, kidnapping calls, medical emergencies, and the like.
Threat Management Software
Components of an Emergency Response Plan…