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Emergency Response The Human Factor
Threat Management Software & Training for Call-In Emergencies
To find out more about the latest in Threat Management software for call-in emergencies, please contact us.
Call takers need effective tools and training to manage call-in threats in a manner that protects the
company, its employees, and
clients. Call centers need a combination of software and training to address call-in emergencies like bomb threats, suicide threats, kidnapping calls, medical emergencies, abusive callers, e-mail threats, public health emergencies, and chemical or biological threats.
Dealing with foreseeable threats is critical to protecting an organization from liabilities. Comprehensive call-In threat management
                           software needs an intuitive
                           dashboard for multi-monitor management and support for post-incident reporting. It needs the ability to facilitate call-takers and call center supervisors to react quickly to assess the threat, calm the caller, and take all appropriate actions.