Small & Mid-Size Business (SMB) Resilience
Emergency Response for SMB
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While the probability is low, the impact can be devastating if you're not prepared. Just as insurance prepares you against financial losses due to a catastrophe, recovery planning prepares you for loss of function due to a catastrophe. So... if you're not prepared, what could you lose?
They happen, but probably not to you. One of our studies shows that chances are less than one in a hundred that any business entity will have a disaster in the course of a year. So why bother to protect yourself? Large businesses ask the same question and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to be able to recover from an event that will probably not occur in a hundred years. Why do they bother?
It's not likely you'll experience a disaster.
It's the impact.
These are questions answered and provided for in recovery plans for large corporations. Here's the good news: you don't have to pay hundreds of thousands to answer those questions and protect your business. McWains Chelsea planning prepares small businesses against functional losses for less than you may imagine. We have a turnkey approach (PlanOne+) and less expensive planning schemes. Ask us for more information.
We have found small businesses to be especially interested in emergency response to protect personnel and visiting clients and limit liabilities. Loss of people and property could be catastrophic for a small to mid-size business. Customer service is crucial to every business, particularly when service is personal and relationships can be lost when employee welfare is jeopardized. The specific hazards that need to be addressed for a small or mid-size business are much the same as for large organizations, although responses to those hazards will differ. See "Emergency Response" for more information.