Situation Management
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Our clients need to solve problems quickly. They asked us for a practical solution that quickly identifies problems, assesses their impact on the business, and provides a problem management process that is easy to follow and cost effective to implement. We designed the Business Continuity Behavior Model. It represents a process for minimizing the number of low impact problems and managing problems when they have a measurable high impact on the business.

When a problem has a measurably high impact on the business, it becomes a "Situation." McWains invented the role of Situation Manager to manage Situations. The role of the Situation Manager is to manage problem escalation, lead the problem resolution team, report and communicate powerfully, and conduct lessons-learned sessions. Mastering these competencies allows the Situation Manager to lead the problem resolution team in solving problems quickly and cost effectively.

To prepare the Situation Manager, McWains provides a 3-hour Computer-Based Training module customized to the organization. The prospective Situation Manager may then enroll in our 1-day Situation Manager Training course that teaches problem-solving and leadership competencies and behaviors.
Download PDF that further describes the Business Continuity Behavior Model