About McWains Chelsea
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McWains Chelsea, a Division of PlanMasters LLC, offers products and services related to Business Resilience and Contingency Planning. However, those offerings alone do not define who we are. Who we are is what we stand for Mission, Commitment, and Results as described on our home page. That is what differentiates us. Our consultants use tools and methodologies developed from years of experience, but the tools do not define us. We are innovative thinkers and strategists consultants in the true sense of the word, bringing our expertise borne of knowledge and experience to the client situation.

We welcome you to browse through the descriptions of our team and our clients. We have a breadth of experience in a variety of industries and great depth of knowledge in Business Continuity. The tools we've designed and concepts we've developed for our clients have had a lasting effect on the Business Continuity industry. While other consulting companies use these McWains Chelsea concepts and tools, we are busy inventing more and tuning what exists in order to satisfy specific client needs. The thoughtful and effective results you get through your experience with McWains Chelsea are significant and unmatched in the industry.