Coordinated large-scale disaster response planning project for all of the bankís production applications, including on-line facilities. This project was acknowledged by experts to be one of the most ambitious contingency planning endeavors to have been accomplished by a non-government entity in the United States.
Developed the Enterprise Recovery Plan and 23 coordinated Business Unit Plans plus a Pandemic Response Plan.
Developed and conducted half-day exercises in planning and strategy for one of the largest global banking groups in the world, headquartered in Paris.
Produced emergency response plan for one of the bankís critical client services. Planning required extensive research and documentation on telecommunications recovery, using an existing data network and switching capabilities within the organization. The plan was later exercised successfully under disaster conditions.
Conducted table top exercises for the CEO and direct reports.
International Bank
Israeli Bank
Global Bank
French Corporate and Investment Bank
Global Financial Services Firm
Over a six-year period, developed comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plans, trained personnel, and conducted operational tests. McWains Chelsea operated as the bank's Business Continuity Department and ultimately trained bank personnel to take over that function.
Pennsylvania Retail and Corporate Bank
Developed and conducted a table top exercise for their New York executives.
Japanese Bank
Conducted table top exercises for the CEO and Direct reports.
French Investment and Asset Management Bank
Developed Business Unit plans for critical operations in Buffalo, NY, including negotiations with vendors of Business Recovery Facilities and connectivity to the corporate hot-site for recovery of the main data center in NJ.
Interbank Network (Connecting ATMs in US & Canada)
Wrote a comprehensive assessment of the bankís Business Continuity maturity, developed a Pandemic Response Plan, and audited operational tests to recover the headquarters NYC office in Miami.
Brazilian Private Bank
Developed a long-term recovery-site strategy for the firm to recover the functionality of their three primary sites in New York City. It provided for the build-out of 35,000 square feet of recovery workspace in conjunction with vendor hot-site subscriptions.
Brokerage Firm