Business Continuity
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McWains Chelsea assists its clients in the development and maintenance of programs to ensure the continuity of business processes. The Business Continuity Behavior Model (BCBM) illustrates the problem prevention and resolution process for any organization. Supporting that process are people and tools, and the principal objective of a Business Continuity Program is to develop and maintain the tools and train the people in their use. Tools consist of facilities and plans, including pandemic response plans.
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Each Business Unit has a Recovery Plan that documents how the resources allocated to it centrally at the Enterprise level are to be used for recovering the functions of that Business Unit.
The Enterprise Recovery Plan documents the strategy for providing and allocating resources during a recovery effort, including people and facilities. It is actionable at time of disaster to recover Business Units, facilities, IT, or any combination thereof.
Click here for a high-level view of the BCBM, a model for managing problem resolution, from small problems to major crises.
Click here for a high-level view of the McWains planning methodology that results in Enterprise and Business Unit Recovery Plans.