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Exercises help to fulfill a number of organizational objectives: (1) proof of plan workability; (2) discovery of plan gaps; (3) raise awareness among exercise participants; (4) practice decision-making and technical skills; (5) learn about specific elements of the plan.
McWains consultants are not only well-versed in the distinctions of Business Resilience, but are also skilled Instructors. Our courses are unique and comprehensive - and always customized to the client situation.
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Stop & Check
Take Heed & Learn
Get Ready for Action
How to Proceed?
Over the years, McWains Chelsea consultants have published books, magazine articles and white papers (in addition to hundreds of client documents and plans). Here are a few that are recent or have stood the test of time and that we think might be worthy of sharing.
In the complex world of organizational resiliency, how does executive management know where to put its efforts and dollars to effect the next stage of maturity? McWains will help you to assess your current level of maturity against best practices and your needs.
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