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Selected Mcwains Publications
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Tests / Exercises
Situation Management's BCBM (Business Continuity Behavior Model) Description, published Sept-Oct 2004 in Contingency Planning & Management Online
Business Continuity Terminology - industry jargon; published 2006 in Continuity Insights
BIA Myth & Reality, published in inaugural issue of Contingency Planning and Management magazine and still valid today
BIA - the Human Factor: measuring the contribution people make to your orgnization, July/August 2009 - Continuity Insights
Optimal Recoverability - a "how to" white paper about what's really important in various BC planning stages, July 2010
Perfect Practice Makes Perfect - Emergency response and recovery plans that ignore behavioral response invite failures when the plans are needed; published Winter 2010 in DR Journal
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Knowledge at Risk, published in 1992, introduced the concept of business process analysis to discern recovery resource requirements. It is primarily process-oriented and continues to be the premier source of information on planning strategies for business resilience.
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What did she say?
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