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Upon completion of plan development, McWains traditionally provides orientation for Senior Management and Recovery/Crisis Management Team Members to provide insights into the use of the plan, why it was organized the way it is, and how to best maintain currency and familiarity so that the plan is used optimally at the time of a real event. These review sessions help to bring the plan into the real world for staff who are expected to react in a specified manner and with a team approach when the plan is executed. Sessions are conducted at the convenience of client management as soon after plan development as can be scheduled.
Our Emergency Response Plans provide specific instructions for response to numerous hazards. Staff members who need to execute these instructions at the time of an event need a level of competence beyond the mere ability to follow instructions. Certain behaviors should be natural and automatic. Also, the need to manage human behaviors can be critical, so McWains partners with colleagues at the AllSector Technology Group (XBRM Division) to deliver courses in Hostility and Rage Management and Psychological First Aid.
The Situation Managment Program requires trained Situation Managers. A six-hour seminar teaches potential Situaion Managers the competencies, behaviors, roles, and responsibilities needed to manage a Problem Resolution Team effectively. A prerequisite to this course is the McWains computer-based training course, Business Continuity, that is customized to the client environment. The course teaches: Problem Escalation Management, Leading the Problem Resolution Team, Reporting and Communicating, and Conducting Lessons Learned Sessions.
Small to Mid-size Businesses (SMB) need recovery plans and personnel capable of using the plans and maintaining them. McWains offers a unique 16-hour course spread over 14 weeks to develop an SMB Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan. The course results in a complete plan and two to three trained people who will share accountability for maintaining and enhancing the plan. The course is offered only through professional associations, which provides the added advantage of networking with similar-minded planners in related organizations.