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Tests / Exercises
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Tests are often thought to serve the purpose of proving the adequacy of recovery plans, and often they do provide that benefit. In addition, testing and exercising serve to: (1) promote awareness of the Business Continuity Program, (2) educate participants in the recovery strategies and protocols, (3) encourage team play, (4) develop leadership behaviors, (5) teach specific competencies, (6) point up plan deficiencies and opportunities for improvement, (7) practice the perils of decision-making under pressure, and (8) show how leadership concepts are applied to recovery efforts and behavior management. Furthermore, validation through tests and exercises is a key criterion in all accepted standards and guidelines and regulations (i.e., BS25999, ANSI NFPA 1600, FFIEC, HIPAA, NASD & NYSE) for best practices in Business Continuity Management. McWains Chelsea offers a complete testing and exercise program, including:
In addition to conducting exercises and tests, McWains can train the trainers in your organization to facilitate such events independently.